Quarantine Got You Achy? Woven Earth Hemp Can Help

We’ve been staying home, staying inside, and for the most part, staying still. All while spending way too much time on our couches and in front of a screen. We try to take breaks and workout every day, but sometimes that creates more aches for us. Thankfully our friends at Woven Earth sent us a few hemp products to try and they worked great!

What Makes Woven Earth Different

Not all hemp oil is created equal. Most products on the market use isolate or distillate which use chemical extraction processes that cut out most of the beneficial properties found in the hemp plant. Woven Earth is different because they use a method called Lipid infusion, a completely non-chemical process, and the gentlest method of extraction. They take finely milled hemp flower and mix it with MCT oil from coconuts to extract all of the goodness from the hemp plant. No chemicals or solvents are used during extraction which maintains the integrity of the whole plant. 

Our Favorite Products


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Incorporating hemp into our daily routine is an easy and effective way to ensure our body is getting all the nutrients we need to fight quarantine achiness. Woven Earth’s Hemp Oil Capsules are easy to take and even easier to incorporate into our routine. The Woven Earth Hemp Relief Balm is a great way to target specific pain points (like our knees), we applied directly onto our knee and felt the pain fade away. They also sent us their Hemp Oil in a tincture which tasted natural and provided us quick relief.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Our friends at Woven Earth shared some cool testimonials and success stories with us. Apparently one of their fans, Barb Masters, had been a user of Woven Earth capsules since October 2019. She first realized the capsules were working for her when 2 weeks after taking them she was in a car accident. A self described “Type A Personality,” she noticed how calm she was throughout the experience and attributed her demeanor to the hemp oil capsules. Now, as she’s been taking the capsules for several months, she notices how much the capsules have helped in her degenerative neck and back issues. In her own words, “If I don’t take it, I remember how bad it used to be with my neck and shoulders. The fact that I can get to 3:30PM before I take the 2 o’clock pill is not usual. Usually I’d be hurting by then. So it’s working! If I wasn’t taking it at all, I’d be reaching for tylenol I guess.” 

Try some of their products and let us know what you think!


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